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Improve the throughput and efficiency of your SAG/AG Mill by measuring the mill volume, steel charge %, toe angle, and liner impacts.

Process IQ has implemented various products and solutions across different circuits and clients, adopting different control philosophies and strategies to optimise the circuit for desired results. Our MillSlicer VIP  provides multiple benefits: 

Mill Power

kWh/ton between 3% to 10% have often been achieved under similar conditions. 

Liner Damage & Liner Wear

Minimise Liner Damage & Liner Wear: The Liner Damage Level (LDL) signal can be used to help reduce the frequency of ball on liner impact, thereby extending liner and media life.

Mill Efficiency

 Improve Mill Efficiency: MillSlicer helps the mill operator to operate the mill such that balls are impacting on the charge, rather than the liners.

Advanced Data Analytics

This involves the use of sophisticated algorithms and statistical techniques to analyse large amounts of data generated by milling equipment.

The MillSlicer is an Advanced measurement equipment consisting of vibration sensors mounted on the shell that measure the angular impact intensity, maximum impact angle, and centroid of the impacts which can be used to infer the charge distribution and conditions to achieve the most effective impact alignment with the charge.

Our VIP Data Platform is a Software to get all the live operating data into our secure cloud allowing visualisation and data analytics to experts located anywhere in the world.

With proprietary data analytics, MillSlicer signals are combined with plant data to calculate the live charge volume and steel charge during operation. This service also acts as a historian for process data and can be expanded to include data from other sources such as mining and geo-metallurgy to allow the option of predictive control.

case study

Find out how we implemented advanced technology to reduce milling power consumption by 10% here.

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