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“See Inside Your Mill”

Improve the throughput and efficiency of your SAG/AG Mill by measuring the mill volume, steel charge %, toe angle, and liner impacts.

A product by Molycop

The MillSlicer utilises vibration sensors and digital signal processing technology to provides information about the inlet and outlet conditions, and what is happening at each of the 360° of the mill.


Maximize Mill Throughput: controlling the mill fill level rather than bearing pressure, or mill weight can increase milling capacity.

Liner Damage & Liner Wear

Minimise Liner Damage & Liner Wear: The Liner Damage Level (LDL) signal can be used to help reduce the frequency of ball on liner impact, thereby extending liner and media life.

Mill Efficiency

 Improve Mill Efficiency: MillSlicer helps the mill operator to operate the mill such that balls are impacting on the charge, rather than the liners.

Millslicer vip

MillSlicer VIP provides additional LIVE insights and soft sensors that provide additonal variables for mill control.

trislicer vip

TriSlicer is an upgrade of the hugely successful MillSlicer instrument, with two additional shell mounted vibration sensors, providing three cross sections along the length of the mill, with a corresponding toe angle, liner damage level and fill level vector for each of the cross sections.

case study

Find out how we implemented advanced technology to reduce milling power consumption by 10% here.

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The MillSlicer is currebtly owned by Molycop. Process IQ is an official Global Distributor for this product.